Community Showcase splits in two


Plans call for one in the fall and one in February

The Community Showcase — where people can register themselves and/or their kids for various clubs or activities — has become so popular organizers have decided to split it into two events a year.

Everything Olds marketing and communications coordinator Patti Simoneau says 82 organizations had booths in the Sportsplex when the Community Showcase was held on Sept. 6. She says the auxiliary ice surface was basically filled to capacity.

“That’s the most we’ve ever had registered,” Simoneau says.

She says last year, about 72 organizations were registered there.

In order to cope with those burgeoning numbers, organizers have decided to split things up.

They plan to have a showcase in February for those clubs and organizations that are more spring- and summer-related, like soccer, lacrosse, football and baseball as well as organizers of summer camps. Plans call for it to be held at the ORE  (Olds Regional Exhibition) grounds.

“It won’t be quite as big, we don’t expect, but we’ll see. We’re going to test out what the response is and see if it’s something worth pursuing again the following year,” Simoneau says. “But we’ll give it a try and see how it goes.”

The fall showcase would continue to be held in the fall at the Sportsplex for those teams and organizations that tend to begin operations in the fall, like hockey, figure skating and dance.

Entities that operate year-round, like Mountain View Seniors’ Housing, and others, like Alberta Health Services, could set up booths at both events.

Simoneau says in the past, organizations that tend to operate in the spring and summer like baseball, soccer, hockey and lacrosse teams, found they weren’t really ready to take registrations until late winter or early spring anyway.

“And very often, they’ll have their annual general meeting in between time, and then a whole new executive will come in and make a change,” she says.

“So we’ll give a try for this February one for those organizations. I haven’t really started advertising and I’ve got six already registered for the spring.”


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