Vote ‘yes’ to stay on daylight time


Please take a look at this if you are tired of changing your clocks twice a year. There are only three days left to submit your preference by the July 28 deadline.

It only takes a minute to submit your input (less time than changing your clock). Just click on the link below and fill in a couple of boxes and vote ëyes.’ Pass Bill 203 to stop changing our clocks.

Below is the link to submit your preference if you would like to keep it the same all year round too.

Please pass it on to everyone in Alberta you feel may want one time zone all year round.

I don’t know your opinion of daylight saving time, but I have been praying for them to stop changing the time twice a year since they announced it.

I’m happy to stay on central time (our DST) all year round instead of changing for four months then changing back again. Just pick one and keep it.

Below is my comment:

Oh what a marvel. Such great God-like Power To increase our sunlight for one more whole hour.

With great expectations I welcome the day Looking forward with joy to the hour of play.

I leap into my work as up comes the sun, While counting the minutes ’til my hour of fun.

Now wait just a minute. Hold on, just a sec; The daylight is fading so soon? What – the – heck?

They said we would have an extra hour of light. But the sun’s going down now and here comes the night.

I enter my home and recoil; such a shock! The only thing changed is the time on my clock.

If you really like your day’s schedule when the clocks are on daylight saving time (central time), let’s just leave the clocks set to that all year long.

Anita Schaller



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