Support local greenhouses first, businessman says


Re: Third marijuana production facility planned (Olds Albertan, Dec. 18, 2017) and Mayor anticipates strong year for development (Olds Albertan, Jan. 2, 2018):

Local producers such as ourselves find it both interesting and yet frustrating that such emphasis is placed on these large proposed operations when in fact there already exists such an operation right here in Mountain View County currently producing year-round food supply.

At Lohr-A-Lee Indoor Gardens, we produce lettuce, herbs and strawberries year round. If you check our Facebook postings you will see exactly what I refer to.

We too will employ local people. We already have highly qualified and experienced growers and personnel. We have a history.

Maybe you can inform the mayor of our existence , albeit in Mountain View County.

We could point to examples such as a company that flew into Olds with great fanfare and promise of much to come –where are they now? Never got off the ground. Meanwhile, with no fanfare or promises — here we are — operating and expanding.

Wayne Lohr

Rural Olds

— Wayne Lohr is president of Lohr-A-Lee Indoor Gardens Inc. and Lohr-A-Lee Greenhouses

(2016) Inc.


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