Second Olds brewfest a success, says organizer


The second annual Olds Beer Festival at the Cow Palace served up suds to some 300 guests last Saturday, tripling last year’s attendance, and setting new expectations for years to come.

“It’s tremendously more than what we were expecting,î said Cassidy Matthews, event assistant for the planning committee.

ìIt was very vibrant, everybody was socializing, whether it was with the vendors or family and friends,î she said. ìEverybody came in big groups and everybody ran into somebody they knew and it was just all around a great atmosphere.î

At the time of the media launch in May, 60 days out, only six vendors had committed to the event ñ but by the end of the day there were 16 vendors who hocked their wares last weekend, including 13 breweries and three spirit distilleries. That doesn’t include one group that had to back out at the last minute.

Matthews said the vendors that she spoke with were thrilled with the event, happy with the setup and service, and commended the volunteer committee that worked tirelessly.

Matthews said she expects the festival to continue in the future, and hopes to see more vendors and more attend.

“It was awesome,î said Matthews. ìWe were so thrilled with it, the vendors were thrilled with it, and we had a lot of compliments on the atmosphere that we had going there.î

“It’s tremendously more than what we were expecting.”CASSIDY MATTHEWS EVENT ASSISTANT PLANNING COMMITTEE


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