Reader raises concerns about several issues


I’ve heard that Olds council has approved development of grow-op greenhouses to be located behind the Olds cemetery. Council has approved two 10-acre parcels for development. This should be outside the town limits.

I have not heard how or what the RCMP are going to do to control all the people who will become potheads. It is bad enough that we have idiots speeding 60 kilometres per hour (km/h) down 50th Avenue so that people take their lives into their hands crossing the street. Now we have to worry about this too.

I think it is time that the Town of Olds has a speed limit of 30 km/h throughout the town, like Carstairs has in some areas. It has fewer accidents and people can cross the streets safely.

Earlier, I wrote a letter to the town calling for larger stop signs at intersections with solar-powered flashing lights at the top of the stop standards. I received a letter from the town stating that my request was not unreasonable and the town stuck up signs that say “high collision location.”

It is my opinion that all yield signs should be replaced with stop signs throughout the Town of Olds.

I would like to see the RCMP be a lot more visible on our streets by walking in the town, riding bicycles through back alleys and places they know are problem areas.

I realize they can’t be everywhere, but we need a safe town and so far, from what I’ve heard, it’s not the town we moved into years ago.

On another topic, I can’t for the life of me understand why this town council allowed strippers in a local establishment, just because the operator said she might otherwise have to close her doors due to lack of drinkers. That is her decision – not council’s.

Shirley Schulz



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