Push to make local wrestler Spring Fling ambassador


Danielle Lappage's application for funds impressed Spring Fling committee

The Spring Fling committee is planning to make Olds wrestler and soon-to-be Olympian Danielle Lappage an ambassador for the event.

Local realtor Hugh Bodmer provided town council with an update on the event on March 14.

“This was a special thing because, how often does a person from Olds represent (this town) and Canada at the Olympics,” Bodmer said.

Most details still need to be figured out. Bodmer said they hope Lappage will be in town the week of Spring Fling to make public appearances. However, he adds her schedule for April hasn’t been finalized.

Bodmer said Lappage made a pitch to the committee to become one of the four charities that will divvy up revenue from ticket sales.

“Although she didn’t meet the criteria, this is something that needs to be supported by the community,” he said.

She impressed the committee, including him.

“She is a very well spoken young lady … she just had a very compelling story, basically taking the last few months off and she’s totally committed to training and be the best prepared possible –both physically and mentally – for the gold medal.”

The strong impression Lappage left led to the creation of an unofficial booster club, including Jeanine Becker, Mitch Thomson and Tracy Gardner, Bodmer said.

“I still think it’s very important as a community we figure out a way of supporting her.”


“Although she didn’t meet the criteria, this is something that needs to be supported by the community.”HUGH BODMERSPRING FLING COMMITTEE SPOKESMAN


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