Other keys to success


1. Working with OMHA to provide developmental support and coach mentorship programming.

2. Work with Skillz SSC to provide the Grizzly Giveback program (currently planned to span three years but could easily be expanded or modified).

3. Work with Skillz SSC to establish additional, affordable development programs for area residents. This will also bring additional revenue to other businesses in town as families visit Olds for programs, tournaments, etc.

4. Work with institutions such as Olds College to support their programs as well as potentially their facilities (residence, hotels, food services, etc., that potentially will be used as part of planned programs.

5. Work to provide employment opportunities for Grizzlys players and other individuals through the establishment of Skillz SSC in Olds and the subsequent planned programs.

6. Be exceptional corporate citizens and community partners. This is evidenced by the immediate efforts shown to repair previous damaged relationships and to develop new partnerships and mutually beneficial relationships on a move-forward basis.

7. Support local businesses and service through “buying locally” and supporting local business wherever possible.

8. Create a fun, family experience for all home games.

9. Build a stronger presence in the community through the team, players, management and ownership. Become more visible and engaged.

10. Work with other local sport bodies to support each other and build a stronger sense of “community partnerships.”


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