Keep crosswalks safe for pedestrians


There are very unsafe streets and sidewalks in Olds.

People are afraid to drive or cross any crosswalks in Uptowne because of that. I would like to see large stop signs placed at eye level, with solar-powered flashing red lights on top so there is no excuse for an accident.

Bad intersections include the one at the post office, the one by the Blue Yak and at Shoppers Drug Mart. People are not stopping and watching for pedestrians trying to cross at the crosswalks. As a result, people can be hurt badly.

I would like to see bylaw officers and RCMP be visible around the noon hour and in the afternoon when traffic gets heavier. They should start giving out tickets there to keep the streets safe.

If this problem isn’t fixed, people will just get back in their cars and drive to another town to shop.

Shirley Schultz



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