Grizzys get encouragement from OES students


Olds Grizzlys players received some encouragement before their playoff run from Olds Elementary School students this past week in the form of special personalized posters.

Each poster has a player’s name and number on it. Students signed them and wrote some well wishes. The plan is to display them at the Sportsplex.

On March 8, the team visited the school and posed for pictures with the children.

came up with the idea to show the school’s appreciation for the team’s involvement with special events over the years including: the welcome back barbecue, skating trips, reading programs and sports days.

“What you do outside the ice is what we remember,” Kish told the team.

That day brought back memories of growing up in Olds for forward Chase Olsen.

“I remember the Grizzlys always coming to our school and handing out hockey cards, like we did today. We’d sign them; we’d get so excited and show each other all the cards that we got and would see if we could get them all,” he said.

“Seeing all the teachers again and the experience that these kids have growing up in the community … that made me the person I am today.”


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