Fighting on in 2018 against taxes and rural crime


As we look at 2017 in the rear view mirror it’s fitting to review the federal political scene. Members of the Conservative Party of Canada across the country chose Andrew Scheer to be its new federal leader. His focus is on respecting individual freedoms, promoting family values, defending Canadians’ interests on international trade, lowering taxes and reducing unnecessary regulations. There is no doubt his “pro-Canada” conservative message will resonate and inspire Canadians in the upcoming 2019 election, especially when contrasted to the revisionist historical view of Canada advanced by this Liberal government during Canada 150. Over the last two years the Liberals have increased taxes for every Canadian family by promoting a carbon tax, removing spousal income splitting, eliminating tax credits and increasing taxes on small businesses, farmers and professionals. We pay too much tax in Canada. Lowering the tax burden on hardworking Canadians is at the core of the Conservative vision, which creates prosperity and opportunity for everyone in this country. Liberals also cannot be trusted on ethics. Prime Minster Justin Trudeau still has an ongoing ethics investigation from his free Christmas 2016 vacation. However, despite all of this, there has been positive work done in Ottawa by myself and my fellow Conservative party colleagues. I was honoured to be appointed to the International Trade Committee. The Liberals have consistently bungled NAFTA, TPP and other trade talks. However, I take this responsibility seriously. As a Conservative I will continue to ensure Canadian businesses and workers have a voice during these negotiations. Our trade deals should put the interests of Canadians first, not the interests of closely connected Liberals. Closer to home, this past year saw an alarming and growing trend in rural crime. As one of the co-chairs of the Rural Crime Task Force, I have been meeting with people involved at various levels ñ the police, courts, community organizations and individuals. More is needed to coordinate these pillars of justice and this new task force will be developing solutions in 2018. Combating rural crime is my number one priority. I will continue to speak with experts and victims in our community to develop common sense solutions. I encourage constituents to reach out to me and express their concerns. I am your voice in Parliament. From my family to yours, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2018. Earl Dreeshen is the Member of Parliament for the riding of Red Deer ñ Mountain View.


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