Doctor should have hospital privileges


I am a very concerned member of this area and when I hear of a long-term prominent doctor who has been my doctor for many years being denied hospital privileges, it worries me.

Dr. Graff has worked very hard to help develop and bring a more modern hospital and medical care system that we can all be proud of. He is one of the few people still living and working in the Olds community who helped modernize and build this facility.

Dr. Graff took some personal time for a few years, then decided to resume his practice. Many of his former patients were very pleased to hear this and soon asked to become his patients again. He has seen us through some pretty tight situations, so we were very pleased to have him back.

Rather than putting roadblocks in his way, I would think the governing bodies of a community the size of Olds would recognize his abilities and capabilities and realize he should have all of the support and privileges that any other doctor has been given. He has worked very hard, caring for many people in this community and deserves the same respect and recognition that any other doctor receives.

Veterans served to protect our freedoms. There aren’t many of us left.

James Christie



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