Basketball runs in the Carrick family


OHS basketball coach inspired by his dad

Coaching basketball runs in the Carrick family.

Carter Carrick, 18, has taken on coaching duties for the Grade 9 boys’ basketball team at Olds High School. His father, Reg Carrick, coached the women’s Broncos basketball team at Olds College for six seasons.

“I’ve wanted to get into coaching for a while,” said Carter, who finds the time between his studies and his own commitments to play on the senior boys’ team.

Carter said it’s fun to follow in his dad’s footsteps.

“He gave me so much knowledge about the game,” he said.

His dad is now coaching women’s basketball at the University of the Virgin Islands in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Carter’s love for a game he’s grown up around – and the fact his dad loves it too — are why he’s keen on coaching.

“I just like really love basketball, so I want to be around the game,” Carter said. How’s coaching different from playing?

“Less running, definitely,” Carter joked. He said thanks to his coaching experience this season he’s able to see things on the court differently, something he applies to his own playing.

Principal and coach Tom Christensen got Carter involved with the Grade 9 team.

“Mr. C asked me to come help at practice one day and it just kind of went from there,” Carter said.

Christensen said Carter’s doing a great job in the role. Christensen mostly just helps with the subbing, with the Grade 12 student running practices and deciding on tactics.

“He has such a good sense of basketball,” Christensen said, noting Carter comes from a home with a lot of basketball knowledge.

“He’s been a student of the game.”

Carter managed to lead the team to the finals of one tournament, Christensen said.

Basketball has been part of Carter’s life as long as he can remember, and he plans to keep playing post-graduation at the college level. He’s already heard from some U.S. schools and university sports schools in Canada about playing on their teams.

“I just like really love basketball, so I want to be around the game.”


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