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MVRWMC includes hydrocarbon contaminated soil in waste definition

The Mountain View Regional Waste Management Commission requested a change to the wording of the Membership Agreement signed by the six member municipalities, to amend the definition of ëwaste’ to include hydrocarbon-contaminated soil, which is typically soil that has been contaminated by oil.

Under the previous definition, waste had come from within members’ municipal boundaries, however this change allows hydrocarbon-contaminated soil from within the province of Alberta to be received for the sole purpose of daily or intermediate cover.

New policy allows small budget adjustments without council approval

Council approved a new budget adjustment policy that will give the town’s chief financial officer authority to make small budget adjustments without council approval. The policy applies to changes made under three conditions: service levels are not to be impacted; no additional revenue is required; and the net bottom line is not affected. ln all other circumstances, requests for budget adjustments must be presented to council for approval.

New technology and social media use policy approved

A new policy that directs town employees on ìthe appropriate and acceptable use of social media and technologyî was approved by council. The policy applies to contractors, volunteers and councillors, in addition to permanent employees, and governs the use of email, Internet, social media, cellphones, and computers. The 11-page document is available in the May 23 town council agenda.

Golf Fall Classic

Council has agreed to send a team to participate in the 2017 Olds College Fall Golf Classic on Sept. 13. The team will include Mayor Judy Dahl and councillors Mary Anne Overwater, Mary Jane Harper and Rudy Durieux.

Council approves sponsorship of Farm Safety school program

Council approved a contribution of $250 to the Farm Safety Centre, a non-profit organization that promotes safe agricultural practices, for its ìSafety Smartsî program, which is delivered free-of-charge to rural schools.

According to the Farm Safety Centre, the majority of non-work-related fatalities on rural farms involve children up to 14 years old. The Safety Smarts program aims to raise awareness of potential farm hazards and teach rural children safe responses. The program is offered at …cole Olds Elementary School, Olds Koinonia Christian School, Olds Mountain View Christian School and Reed Ranch School.


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