Family finds solace in murder charges

Tuesday, May 29, 2012 03:00 pm | Sylvia Cole and Victoria Paterson
Noel West/Olds Albertan
Noel West/Olds Albertan
An emotional Victor Schachtay gives a statement to the press yesterday regarding the arrest made in his daughter's murder. Victoria's sister, Sarah Schachtay, sits beside her father and also spoke to the press at the Innisfail RCMP detachment.
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Vicky Shachtay’s father said it was “great news” to hear that a murder charge has been laid in the bombing death of his daughter.

Victor Shachtay and his daughter Sarah Shachtay commented on charges laid against Innisfail local Brian Malley which includes first-degree murder during a press conference at the Innisfail detachment May 28. Malley was arrested in Red Deer Friday morning and remains in custody.

“This is just great news for us. The family was experiencing a lot of trepidation that this fellow was still in the general public,” said Shachtay’s father, with tears in his eyes. He noted that Malley was close to the family and the arrest is a relief.

“If he wasn’t a trusted member he wouldn’t have been able to do what he did,” he speculated.

Shachtay, a 23-year-old single mother of one was killed in her ground-level apartment Nov. 25, 2011 after opening a package delivered outside of her house that was triggered to explode. She was confined to a wheelchair as a result of injuries she sustained in a vehicle collision in 2004 for which she reportedly received an insurance settlement.

While the family confirmed Malley had been handling Shachtay’s finances, they’re unsure if the potential motive was driven by money.

“We don’t know,” said Shachtay’s father, adding that the family will find out the alleged details in court.

Sister Sarah Shachtay said she wasn’t surprised by the arrest because he handled her sister’s finances. She had met Malley a few times and said he “doesn’t seem like the type of man to do that.”

She said her sister was loved and cared for, and there seems to be no other reason why someone would kill her.

“She was a loving, caring mother and that’s exactly how she should be remembered.”

Pastor David Wiebe of Innisfail Alliance Church spoke on behalf of Vicky Shachtay’s stepfather Rick Bercier.

“Rick said it was like a heavy cloud was lifted off his shoulders,” he said of hearing the news.


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