Uptowne Fashion Show draws crowd

Tuesday, May 08, 2012 02:05 pm | Julie Bertrand
Julie Bertrand/Olds Albertan
Julie Bertrand/Olds Albertan
Left to right: models Rebecca Wieben, Brandy Donaghy and Emily Erick watch the band We Were Lovers during the fashion show with coordinator Krystal Worth (second from right).
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Tracks Pub was packed last Saturday with over 100 revellers attending the Uptowne Fashion Show.

The show was organized by reFind owner Kristin Allan and Gotcha Jeans owner Mike Fix to raise money for the Olds Historical Society and the Mountain View Museum.

Allan and Fix reached their goal of selling 100 tickets and raising approximately $2,500 for the museum.

“I think we sold all the tickets by the end. We had some people walk in late, hoping to get tickets at the door and we had six tickets left at the door,” said Allan.

“I think they all went, as far as I know. So yes, another sold-out show. It’s exciting.”

Close to 20 models participated in the show. Some male bystanders even seized the opportunity to model local designer Jason Pochapsky’s sarongs.

“The show went better than I could have ever imagined actually. It was pretty much a seamless show from start to finish, except that it went on much longer than we thought it would,” said Allan.

“Everybody pretty much stuck around until the end. I think everyone was so excited about every part of it.”

Saskatoon band We Were Lovers provided a live soundtrack to the fashion show.

“We ended up with the live band playing the whole show, which just brought the energy up so high,” said Allan.

“I have had so many comments already tonight that it was a great addition. The band is very talented and they made it lots of fun.”

The energy remained high throughout the whole evening, with models twirling and dancing around on the runway,

“I saw a lot of smiles and laughs. Every round, the models had more and more fun,” said Allan.

“They relaxed and they really showed off the clothing well, which was really good. The models did a great job.”

The Uptowne Fashion Show success already has Allan thinking about a potential third show in the near future.

“We have sold out both of our fashion shows so far and both have been fundraisers for organizations in the community,” she said.

“I think we will keep that theme because I really believe in helping out all these good causes in our community. The publicity that is built by these events for those organizations is huge.”

Allan says she refuses to make any promises though.

“There might be a fall fashion show. It will depend on how many helpers are out there to make it happen again,” she said.

“We will probably have to outdo ourselves. We might need a bigger venue again. Who knows? Give me six months and we will see what happens again.”


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