Late residents' generosity lives through their fund

Tuesday, Feb 21, 2012 06:00 am | Julie Bertrand
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F.C. (Chic) Miller
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The generosity of the late Chic and Billie Miller lives on through their endowment fund. For the sixth year, Olds United Church will be accepting applications from Olds organizations and service groups for grants from the Chic and Billie Miller Endowment Fund.

Since nobody applied for grants last year, the money was carried over to this year.

“I think there is something in the neighbourhood of $8,000 to $9,000 this year,” said Coun. Murray Ball, former treasurer of the Olds United Church.

Chic Miller was a successful Olds businessman. Upon his death in 2005, he left a legacy that was deposited at the United Church Foundation in Toronto.

“The money is invested there in secure investments,” said Ball.

“Annually, the interest on his investment is distributed to Olds United Church with a proviso that the church then distributes it to worthy organizations in town.”

Typically, the endowment committee awards grants between $400 and $600.

“The assessment committee certainly has the authority to give out a larger number if there is a particular application that seems to really be worthy,” said Ball.

As per Miller’s instructions, the committee is composed of the town mayor, the church minister and the church council chair.

“I think he felt that these would all be responsible people that would make good decisions,” said Ball.

In recent years, grant recipients have included Chinook Arch Victim Services, the Boys and Girls Club, the Olds High School junior football team and the senior square dance group.

“The intent was that (Miller) wanted the money to go to people who were making a difference in the town of Olds,” said Ball.

Applicants will be evaluated on community involvement and benefits, innovative and/or unique attributes, if the project will benefit more than one sector of the community, and if the applicants obtained other financial support for the project. “Chic Miller and his wife were volunteers who made a huge impact in the community. They contributed enormously when they were here,” said Ball.

“(Miller) wanted to make sure that he gave back to the community what the community had given to him.”

Olds United Church will be accepting applications for the fund until March 23. Application forms are available at the town office, Olds United Church, and on the church’s website.


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